Agrootics. A semiotic cubic model description for meaning interpretation


  • Pedro M. Azevedo Rocha Universidade do Minho


Semiotics has meaning models that constitute forms of observation of reality’s phenomenology. At current perspective of human reasoning, those models are insufficient reality interpreters before society and to the technology that accompanies it. In terms of meaning models of analysis in semiotics, it can be resumed as so: Saussure’s dichotomy (a binary model), Peirce, Ogden-Richards and Morris’ trichotomies (a triadic model) and Greimas’ square (a tetradic model). As we inhabit a three-dimensional reality, we assume that everything can be measured and observed in terms of distance and extension relativities, as to an emotion, a phenomenon, a social medium or an object. Thus, we propose an alternative meaning production and interpretation, through a conceptual cubic model rooted on Peirce’s trichotomy. This cubic perspective, represented by the development of a perception emulator in form of a cube, will be grounded through sensibility of social and physical space notions.