João Carlos Correia, André Barata, Anabela Gradim


RETHINKING Humanities was a set of events of a strong epistemological nature envisaging the interdisciplinary exploration between several areas of the humanities, taking into account, in particular, the digital context.

It comprised the organization of two milestone events. The first in 2015, focused on a more exploratory content that tried to identify the contribution from various perspectives: Sociology of Communication and Media Studies, Philosophy, Design and Aesthetics. Simultaneously, there were incursions of a more practical type expressed in direct applications of the Humanities crossings around the curatorship of Art, book publishing and agricultural and food practices. The limits of the Human were taken beyond its traditional questioning to focus on the anthropological concept of culture itself.

This disciplinary plurality brings into play different conceptual matrixes. These movements, coming from different approaches, bring together theoretical and practical perspectives that are instrumental to rethinking the Humanities today. 


rethinking humanities

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